tirsdag 11. oktober 2011


My name is Katarina Aasgaard Strømsvåg and I moved to Leicester on the 17th of September to study at De Montfort University. I’d never been to England before, I had barely even been outside of Norway, and certainly never on my own. English is not my mother tongue, so please bear with me if my language seems clumsy.

I come from Kristiansund, a small town built on a handful of islands on the west coast of Norway. I’ve lived there for the majority of my life. There are about as many people living in Kristiansund as there are students at De Montfort University. 

I have five younger siblings and a dog. My parents are divorced, so I have a large extended family. Before I moved here, mum gave me pots, pans and other useful kitchen things. Dad gave me a kilo of chocolate.

Apart from the obvious interests like video games and drawing, I am interested in music, art and comics. Since coming to Leicester I’ve spent a lot of my evenings cooking with friends and playing Risk (last night I won). I also write a little in my spare time. There isn’t much room for other hobbies, though there are several things I wish I had time for. 

I’ve drawn since I was little and I always knew drawing was what I wanted to do with my life. It’s never really been a decision, it’s just something I’ve known. In upper secondary school, I specialised in art and design-subjects. I’ve wanted to study abroad since I was 16; I felt a need to stretch my wings, I get the bonus of learning the English language better, and it will look good on my CV. I had a look at a lot of UK universities as well as a couple in other countries, but in the end I settled for game art design at De Montfort University, because I wanted to learn 3D modelling as well as developing my drawing abilities. The Skillset accreditation convinced me of the credibility of the course as well. 

My ambitions for this year is to work my ass off to get a good handle on 3Ds Studio Max, and improve my drawings skills by miles. I also aim to become much better at communicating in English, but I think my language skills are something that will develop naturally as I live and study in Leicester. 

In the duration of the course, I want to develop my skills even more, and hopefully become good enough to get a job within the industry. Some dream jobs for me right now would be working as a character artist or even concept artist for one of my favourite developers, such as Valve, Bethseda, Double Fine or Irrational Games. Requirements for current job openings now vary, but they often have these in common:
- Good drawing abilities and knowledge of composition and colour theory. 
- Good knowledge of 3D software. 
- Good communication skills.
- The ability to work in a team. 
- Adaptability. 

Which is why I need to work to improve myself and my abilities in all of these areas, and I think this course will give me a golden opportunity to do so. 

- Kat

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