torsdag 17. november 2011

The year so far

I just had my first assessment meeting with the tutors yesterday. I was so nervous about this meeting, I could barely get any sleep the night before.  

I got some useful feedback, but basically the message is ”work more in general” so that’s what I’m going to do from now on. I know I have been slacking off a bit.

My 3D modelling is apparently ”good”. My texturing is ”okay.” I know the textures on my last model were a bit odd and I need to figure out what  I mixed up there… Also I need to work regularly with 3Ds Max to keep getting better at the program, needless to say. 

In visual design I need to work more in general, and also spend more time on my rendering of the images. I’ve spent quite a bit of time wrapping my head round the 3D software and I have sort of neglected the drawing part of the course, which is not good.

My blogging is a bit behind, which I was aware of. I didn’t really realise I could and should use this blog for more than just the mandatory tasks though, so from now on I’m going to expand a bit to include whatever game-, art- and class-related stuff I feel like writing about. I am not a stranger to keeping blogs; I still post regularly in my sketchblog which I’ve had for about three years now, albeit I only really post pictures in it… So writing regularly will be a bit of a challenge.

Over all, adapting to uni life and living in England has not been a problem for me. I’ve made good friends and I enjoy the course very much.

We had a guest lecture last week as well, which was very exciting. I understand how a concept artist in the industry actually works much better now, and a lot of it was very surprising to me. I don’t have much to show from it; I fell off when we started working in 3Ds Max, which was very frustrating, but I guess I am still a wee grasshopper and the 3Ds Max fluency will come with time. I got the gist of it, though. 

Language-wise, I am getting used to being constantly surrounded by a foreign language, and I understand other’s spoken English well, but sometimes my English fails and I say weird things such as ”your door hinges need to be lubed.” 

 At least my English is better than Petter Solberg’s. 

"I don't know what you call it in England, but in Norway we call it "air condition!"

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