onsdag 14. desember 2011

Käthe Kollwitz

The other day I grabbed a friend of mine and we went to see the german expressionism-exhibition in the New Walk museum. We took a look at the contemporary art and the picasso cheramics as well, but we were there for the expressionist-paintings. I am incredibly excited to have friends who actually want to go look at art exhibitions with me and can do so without going "well I could've done this myself, this is stupid," but I digress. 

The exhibtion was much smaller than I expected, and badly lit. It featured both Jawlensky and Kandinsky, but I was the most excited to see the Käthe Kollwitz-drawings. 

Her drawings depict haunting grotesqueness and fear, but also tenderness and love, a mix I find fascinating and painful. Her strong use of value contrast is something to study as well. 

This one was my favourite at the exhibition:

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