torsdag 9. februar 2012

Funding games with Kickstarter

As previously stated, funding is one of the biggest challenges in the game industry today and big games are massively expensive to make. Developers rely on loans or publishers that can push the game from the quirky and into something more mainstream.

Double Fine is the studio behind AAA titles Psychonauts (which I always keep talking about because it's my favourite game ever) and Brutal Legend and smaller titles like Stacking and Costume Quest, and they are doing something interesting in this regard right now.

Brutal Legend

They're raising the funds for the development of a game with a Kickstarter.

I've only ever seen comic artists fund prints of their work this way, so this is cool.

So rather than let publishers push them around and risk big loans, they let the public donate, thus allowing the public democraticaly decide what game they'd like to see made. It's a smaller game they're developing, a point and click-adventure, but it's still interesting to see a bigger studio trying other means of raising funds like this.

Throughout the making of the game, Double Fine will be making video series documenting the production and at the minimum donation of $15 you get access to these. Now, I am only a poor student, but I'm definitely going to donate that because I hope the videos might offer some insight into the processes of professional game development.

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