tirsdag 27. mars 2012

Mostly characters and some environment thumbs

No idea what I'm doing in this top one. Black blobs galore.

Characters are undeniably my comfort zone so it's not very surprising that I started with that... Some silhouettes and stuff. 

Enemy ideas. 

More characters, starting do detail them and make them proper individuals. At first I wanted my player character to be a female archer hunter type, but then I kinda liked the third one with the feather staff here.
I don't like ranged characters anyway, I think it's much more fun to get up in the enemy's face. 

Started thumbing some environments and illustrations, and more character work too. Here I am starting to look at taking a different approach to the enemies, basing them more on native art that I found during my research. 

I settled on making the enemies reside everywhere instead of in just the mountains as was my initial idea. Basically they are corrupted spirits. A lot of native beliefs are animistic so these guys are animal spirits who have become greedy. Thriftiness, sharing and simple living is especially valued in many native societies because it simply made survival easier for everyone, so greed and gluttony would be bad traits that would make sense for negative spirits to embody. My notes in the following page sums it up really.

Finalising the character designs. The old shaman of the tribe, and the young apprentice, who would also be the protagnist and player character. I tried to do environments and characters simultaneously, but for me the characters definitely brought this alive.  

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