torsdag 19. april 2012

The thing about 2012 that I look the most forward to

... except the end of the world not happening:

Bioshock Infinite.

Gosh I am so excited about this game I'm about to burst!

I mean gosh look at that, I absolutely love the details in the environment and stuff! They tell so much about the environment I feel almost familiar with Columbia already, and we've only really seen trailers and screenshots yet.
I absolutely love the dentist sign here with that enormous, frightening tooth. It's the best dentist sign.

I think it's cool that people seemingly don't attack you at sight in this game, unlike in the previous Bioshock games. People aren't quite as mentally decayed as they were in those yet, maybe.

Oh man I love that birdman design. It's so weird but really, really cool, I love how the light in his eyes changes colours too. He makes awesome noises in the trailers as well; overall the sounds in the trailers are just really cool. The boys of silence, pictured below, are really awesome and frightening too, and they make the worst, most spinechilling noise! 

 I guess these guys are kinda like the big daddies of this game? I really love the concept of the exposed heart, and those hands are scary as hell!

Creepy as fuck George Washington automaton with porcelain-doll face and a huge gun? Yes please. I think this is going to be one of my favourite thing about Bioshock Infinte. He sounds really cool in the trailers, too, saying cheesy, horrible stuff.

Old propaganda posters are my favourite thing and I love the inclusion of them in this game.

The thing I am the most sceptical about regarding this game is the sidekick/damsel in distress character Elizabeth. I hope she'll turn out to be cool and fun though, and that you won't have to constantly babysit her. 

October can't come fast enough

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