torsdag 31. mai 2012

Summer project: 31 May

The past two days were mostly spent working on the fox character. I have time to be thorough, so I've tried, to the best of my abilities, to make the topology as friendly to animating as possible and spent a lot of time looking at solutions for limbs, specificially, since the mesh of my gladiator character was definitely not animation friendly. His legs looked like chicken drums when they bent, which was awesome but also all wrong. 

I also opened Zbrush for the first time today. Mike Pickton did this talk on baking pretty maps for low poly characters from high poly models and I have been wanting to try it for a while, so I figured this would be a good opportunity. I've been told that Zbrush is pretty intuitive so I expected to figure it out pretty easily, but I ended up having to watch lots of tutorials before eventually being able to even import my character and rotating it, and eventually I managed to rub a somewhat fur-like texture all over it.

To conclude, Zbrush is about as intuitive as stabbing yourself in the eye with a sharp knife repeatedly.

I then loaded the high poly model into Max and baked normal maps and ambient occlusion maps and it looks quite good, so I suppose it was worth the faff. Also I have definitely learned a lot of things which I can use again later, which is always worth some faff I guess. 

Now I have a bit of a luxury problem. My model is only around 3 080 tris while my tri limit is 5 000... Maybe I'll model him some props and stuff.

tirsdag 29. mai 2012

Summer project update 29 may

Today I have finished the last bits and bobs of my bedouin camp, and I have started modelling a character to inhabit it...
I thought it would be a fun challenge to do an animal character.

Kind of struggling with the topology. My tri budget for this is 5 000 so I guess I can go completely wild. I have no idea what to do with that many tris.

I also considered other animals, but ended up with a fennec because they are cute and have nice big ears.

fredag 25. mai 2012

Summer project update: Tents

I'm still working on my summer project thingies, I've made a tent and textured some props and stuff. I feel ready to tackle UDK and try putting it in there soon, but first I need to do some more texturing. I think I am a third into my tri budget but I am not sure. One of the environment tasks says 15 000 tris and the other says 10 000 tris and I am not sure I understand the difference between the tasks apart from the tri limit.

I also would like to make a bedouin trader and a camel for this scene.

Otherwise I am pretty bored, but I have to be in Leicester until July because I can't move my stuff into our new house until then, and it just wouldn't be feasible to haul all my pots and pans and waffle irons on the plane. I look forward to going home to Norway to see my family and mooch of my parents and eat their food and drink their coffee, but if Christmas is anything to go by I'll be very happy to return to Leicester in September, too. I have been living on my own and getting to decide what to have for dinner and when to go to bed and when I'll make my bed (never) for too long!

onsdag 9. mai 2012

Bedouin things

I haven't got anything else to do, so I've started working on my summer project. I'm really enjoying getting to work out everything in the big picture instead of just making bits and bobs here and there as we have been doing so far.

I'm doing the bedouin theme, though it was a tough choice, but I visited a bedouin camp when my mum and I went to Egypt many years ago so I felt it was cool to choose a theme of which I have some first hand experience. It is probably the most memorable thing about the trip to Egypt though we did lots of things like going to Cairo, diving in the sea, seeing the Sphinx and even going inside the Giza pyramid. The bedouin trip was a tourist arrangement, but it felt very authentic; the toilet was a hole in the ground, for one thing. We ate bedouin food but I can't remember what that was, and we got to try smoking hookah-pipes which tasted like apples. Riding camels feels like going out in a little dhingy in the stormy sea. There is no light pollution in the desert so you could see the stars really well when night fell.



I made a bunch of little props today. I modeled and unwrapped them all today, and though they are not really particularly complicated objects, I still feel pretty happy with myself and how this proves my massive progress with 3Ds Max. They're going to share a 1024x1024 texture sheet.

When I have made all the props I want to try putting them together and make a scene in UDK to see how that works out. I've never used UDK before so that could be interesting.

PS. I really fucking hate Google's new layout. What the hell is this shit