fredag 25. mai 2012

Summer project update: Tents

I'm still working on my summer project thingies, I've made a tent and textured some props and stuff. I feel ready to tackle UDK and try putting it in there soon, but first I need to do some more texturing. I think I am a third into my tri budget but I am not sure. One of the environment tasks says 15 000 tris and the other says 10 000 tris and I am not sure I understand the difference between the tasks apart from the tri limit.

I also would like to make a bedouin trader and a camel for this scene.

Otherwise I am pretty bored, but I have to be in Leicester until July because I can't move my stuff into our new house until then, and it just wouldn't be feasible to haul all my pots and pans and waffle irons on the plane. I look forward to going home to Norway to see my family and mooch of my parents and eat their food and drink their coffee, but if Christmas is anything to go by I'll be very happy to return to Leicester in September, too. I have been living on my own and getting to decide what to have for dinner and when to go to bed and when I'll make my bed (never) for too long!

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