mandag 11. juni 2012

Summer project update 11 june

I've spent way more time on this character than I thought I would, but it's been worth it, especially considering the amount of things I have learned. My environment is pretty much done so I have time to indulge, I think.

I've made him some props, which knocks the tri count up to a satisfying amount, and adds some much needed detail.

I used the freeform modeling tools to make the props. I hadn't used these before, but I can definitely see that they'll come in handy especially for organic modelling and for clothes.

I also had another go at putting the model into Zbrush. The first time it didn't go so well, but I had some help from Tim who showed me how to utilise alphas in Zbrush, which made my job making a fur texture much easier. I still think Zbrush is a pain in the arse to use, but I think that with some time I can learn to love it. I definitely see how it can be useful for not just "Zbrush-masturbating" anyhow.

I'm now baking down maps with Xnormal, which feels much quicker than when I tried doing it in Max, but it's still taking its time.

I want to concentrate more on the scenery this week. I've started making a basic desert environment to build on in Max, and research the possibilites for making it my terrain in UDK. I'm also planning on adding a small body of water, I'll see how that works out.

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