fredag 28. september 2012

Time for uni, yesss

I feel like I’ve had a quite eventful summer, though also a very long one.

 Over the summer I kept thinking I’d done nothing at all, but in retrospect I think I’ve actually been fairly busy. I made a three page comic for a Norwegian comic anthology that was released earlier this month. I have written a lot, I worked at a local photo studio for a bit just before leaving Norway, I did a lot of stuff on my summer project. And I filled up a couple of sketchbooks. So I feel like it wasn’t too shabby.

 I also got to travel a little bit; I’ve spent the past two weeks in Belgium, which was a very enriching trip for my reference and texture-folders. And also my belly. I am telling myself it's good to pack on a bit before uni starts, though.

I brought my camera with me everywhere and I took pictures of all sorts of dumb stuff. I wish I could have sketched more things I saw instead of taking photos, but when you travel with people who are not artists it's kind of rude to hold them up and insist they wait while you get that building down on paper.

I discovered the wonders of taking photos in raw format. I really like sliding around the sliders in Camera Raw and seeing how different my photos can come out. I put some of my travel photos on my tumblo-thingy if you want to see them and also here is a photo of a donkey who really wanted to eat my coat:

I feel very ready to tackle year 2 now. I’ve moved into a house with two other girls from the course. I look forward to living with them; last year I lived in a flat with 5 chinese girls, none of whom spoke English, so it’ll be nice to get to live with people I can talk to and also hang out with maybe. I also hope we can motivate each other into doing more work at home, and that we can help each other out with things we struggle with.

I did allright last year, but I know that I could’ve done more and better work. I don’t want to be left with that feeling after this year. So working my fingers to the bone is my most important goal this year.

 My other vow for this year is I am going to keep in mind my posture, particularly when I sit and work. When I worked at the photo studio, I was filling in doing editing work, as the person who normally does that had to take a sick leave because of back problems caused by not sitting right. I don’t want that to happen to me, so I am going to do something about that right now. I want to be able to work for as long as possible.

So if you see me slouching, please remind me, because it’s turned into a tough habit to break!