mandag 10. desember 2012

I just wanted to share some music that I like. Probably you won't understand the words, but I don't think they matter much? The last two and a half minutes are the best minutes. 

I got to see this band live this summer in Trondheim, and I was all the way in front with my best friend, we sang and shouted until we were hoarse and we were black and blue after, and it was the best thing.

I really enjoy the visual style of this band as well. It's very over the top and doesn't take itself too seriously. They wear smart suits while performing and one of the guys plays the pump organ while wearing a gas mask, which has kind of become their trademark.

The pump organ is sometimes adorned with a taxidermy crow and always an ugly lamp or two. The stage is veiled with heavy smoke and lit with sharp lights. The whole thing has a very industrial, tattered feel. They are also known for using oil barrels and other pieces of scrap metal as percussion.


So that's cool.

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