søndag 16. desember 2012

Winter project update

I've had some rather intense past few days and I'm still a bit jet-lagged, I didn't get any sleep at all from Thursday to Friday because of travelling and I learned that I don't function at all without sleep. By the end of Friday I felt like I was drunk and had a really bad flu at the same time. I couldn't walk straight and I couldn't speak clearly and my body felt like lead. I definitely don't want to do that again. 

So the natural thing to do to recuperate was help out at my seven year old sister's birthday party the day after. I am still pretty knackered but it is very nice to be back in Norway. I took this while eating breakfast this morning, the light at this time of the year is amazing, makes up for the 22 hour a day-darkness.

Today I made some progress on my christmas project. I did a paint over of a 3D render just to sort out colours and see if there were any more elements I'd like to put in there. I definitely like these flowers. I want to get a source of warm light into the scene as well. 

My technical goals for this project is to get some good practice in making alphas that look nice, figure out how self-illumination that actually works, paint all the textures in photoshop instead of using photos, and make nice renders of my final scene in 3Ds Max. I want to attempt lighting it as a late evening scene. I don't think my laptop will be able to run UDK so that'd have to wait until I return to Leicester. 

Here are some bioluminiscent mushrooms as well. I thought it would be neat if they looked like jellyfish, they are also bioluminiscent so maybe it would maybe seem more realistic. It might be interesting to give them a really slimy, wet surface. I donno I'm just playing around. 

Here's some nice music I want to share too, sharing is caring. 

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