onsdag 5. desember 2012

Winter project

Heather gave us a professional practice brief to keep busy over the winter. I only really looked at it today as I kind of spent the last week hibernating.
So it's not very interesting yet. I'm gonna put in glowing mushrooms spilling out of the toppled cart, like they've been mining not rocks, but mushrooms. Seriously, glowing mushrooms, they got to have some sort of value. 

Glowing mushrooms kind of show up everywhere in all sorts of fiction, especially fantasy, but I never really grow tired of them and I just think they are awesome every time I see them in any game. They aren't entirely fantasy, though. Bioluminescent mushrooms exist, but mostly in Brazil apparently. The brightest one are apparently so bright you can use their light to read in in a dark room. I'd go to Brazil just to look at bioluminescent mushrooms if I had the money. (but we don't even have money to keep the heating on in the house to keep my fingers from freezing off so yeah STUDENT LIFE. Sometimes I stick my hands in the fridge to heat them up a bit.)

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