fredag 25. januar 2013

I know what I'm presenting for the inspiration thing on thursday now. I don't even know why it took me that long to figure out, because there is no one else who've had such an impact on me as Tove Jansson. I think I am nervous I won't be able to convey how awesome Tove Jansson is in five minutes (besides being nervous in general). 

torsdag 17. januar 2013

I've started blocking in the body of my mortal engines character. I don't feel like I've managed to get the silhouette across as strongly in 3D as I did in my drawings, I'll have to work on that. I've only used about a third of my tri budget so I'll have loads to work with.

I'd like to have the body as done as possible by monday so that I've got abouts two weeks to do textures and the LOD. Here are the ortographics, too, they're pretty rough.

onsdag 16. januar 2013

Mortal engines

I've made some good progress on my head for this project. I'm trying something out with the eyes where I put two eyeballs on top of each other, one with an indentation where the iris will be to simulate the sort of depth real eyes have, and one on top that is round, very glossy but otherwise transparent. I am not sure I will be able to keep this though because it takes up a lot of tris but I really just wanted to try it out. In this render below only the inner eyeball is visible in the wireframe.

I haven't started modelling the body yet because I wasn't able to settle on a design until today. 

I thought it would be a cool contrast if the character wears quite cute clothes and then has a badass creepy robot arm. She has goggles because steampunk. 

tirsdag 8. januar 2013

planning and documentation thinly veiled as another take on a fake game

I’m gonna have a go at making a brief pitch! I’m going to base it on the fake game project we did in critical studies in the first year, where we were supposed to do environments for a fake game we made up (but I mostly drew characters).

Project outline!
My fake game pitch is an open world game set in a taiga/tundra landscape. The society it is set in is a sort of hunting/gathering nomad society, so maybe hunting and gathering and then crafting objects like new gear for your character or your home tent or whatever from what you’ve found could be a core element of the game. The other core element of the game is you run around and slay monsters/bad spirits. Maybe you could collect special things from them to craft special gear. Cool beans. Also there would be some sort of story and quests I guess.

Here's some environment I drew last year

This fake game is supposed to run on a current gen console like the 360 or the PS3.

My personal aims for this project would be to create a project that
 - I can manage to retain interest in for a longer period of time.
 - Allows for a high level of imagineering.
 - Allows me to learn to concept, model and texture large, natural and organic scenes.
- Gives me space to learn to efficiently manage and put together a scene in UDK.
- Lets me get a grip on how to make particle effects.
- Lets me model creatures and objects from my own concept art and ortographics instead of real life objects and photos.
 - Has hand painted textures all over the place.

Lead character! 
I want my video game to be in third person so the lead character will need a substantial level of detail

Abouts 8000 tris and two sets of 1024 textures-ish I guess? The lead character would also need detachable props so that you can replace them with other props as you make new gears. I would guess max 1000 tris for gears depending on how big they are, and maybe 256-pixel texture sheets.

These are my main character colour schemes that I drew last year.

Non player characters!
NPCs are my favourite thing in any game.
NPCs would be super varied, you’d have the nomad people to interact with and animals and monsters to hunt. The spirits would be very diverse, they could probably use abouts 3000 - 5000 tris for the smaller ones and abouts 8000-10 000 for large and detailed ones.

This bad one could probably be allright with abouts 8000 tris, he doesn’t have loads of details but he needs to be very smooth and organic. I’d use a 1024-texture sheet for his body and put his mask/face on a separate 512-map.

These are my spirit monsters I drew last year:

The small, nice one would be allright with maybe 3000 tris and just a set of 1024 texture sheets, and then I would put his eyes on a separate 128-map because they need to have an emissive map.

The character could ride around on an elk that you pimp with gear you craft. The gear would make the elk go faster (for whatever reason) and make it more sturdy and stuff. I would go for around 6000 tris here maybe, separate gear could have abouts the same level of detail as the main character props.

This is a party elk I found on Tumblr.

Probably no one would play this game but me.

mooortal engines

My character was in a terribly boring accident and lost her arm. Then she could have a prosthetic arm so she said she wanted a massive one for absolutely no reason.

lørdag 5. januar 2013

I just wanted to share my favourite photos from this christmas break really.