onsdag 6. mars 2013

Pixels pixels pixels

I have always had a little crush on pixel art and it just flared up like mad after I played Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery, I mean just look at this pretty baby. They use non-pixel effects as well, especially for otherworldly objects and beings and the effect is really cool.

So it made me want to try my hands on pixel art as well. I've never actually tried doing any pixel art before so what I learned from this is pixel art is harder than it looks but also crazy fun and I definitely want to try it out some more. Also I am a pixel baby and placing this here after that amazing Superbrothers thing is like shooting yourself in the leg but who cares.

When I try to learn something new I always turn to Jake the dog and it makes me feel better.

Also it has the same colour scheme as my pixel thing hahaha

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