torsdag 28. mars 2013

too much books

So er the book project. I have drawn so much for the book project, I am honestly a bit embarassed. It's not even specifically for the project anymore, I just like drawing and painting a bit in between working on the group project, I suppose, and the imagery this book and these characters put in my mind are just easily accessible and fun to draw.

This is my final piece for the project. It depicts a scene in the beginning of the book where Crowley the demon and Aziraphale the angel get drunk in the book shop backroom. Crowley is talking Aziraphale into helping him stop the impending apocalypse.

I wanted the scene to seem quite mundane at first glance, but then maybe at second glance I hope it could give even a person who hasn't read the book a bit of an idea about the characters and their personalities.

The angel being a bit of a bastard and the demon being quite nice is an important thing in the portrayal of these characters, so I tried to put that across in the picture as well.

Crowley has yellow snake eyes and I tried to give Aziraphale's eyes a look that was a bit uncanny with a very bright blue colour, but resized like this I am not sure it comes across very well. Combined with the feathers it might hint at the character being an angel. Albeit a scruffy one who molts everywhere I guess. All the other colours in the picture except their eyes are quite muddy so I hope it seems striking and worth noting.

But to contrast that and to make their ambivalence towards good and evil apparent, I tried to make Crowley look a bit pensive and worried and insecure. I didn't want him to seem threatening or persuasive or demonic of any sort. On the other hand I tried to make Aziraphale seem calm, a bit sly and confident, contrasting Crowley's state of mind, but he tips his wine glass and drips wine on the floor, reflecting the careless nature he exhibits in the book. Crowley tips his wine glass dangerously too, but he doesn't spill and does it more because he is deep in thought.

Over all I am pretty pleased with this picture. It's not perfect, but I think it's interesting to look at and I am happy with the composition and the execution and the perspective was challenging to work with.

Here are some more doodles relating to this I suppose?

This one is super simple but I really like it.

Even I don't know what this is. 

This is actually a tempera grassa-painting whoa traditional media amazeballs

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