tirsdag 9. april 2013

bye easter

Yesterday I finished the final painting for the Mortal Engines-project. I even signed it. Definitely done.

It was a bit tricky figuring out how to compose the image without having the balloon obscure too much of it. It is not a very probable machine, to be honest. 

Some airboat sketches: 

This is a gif of the painting-process, too. When I look at it it feels like the painting is being carved more than painted, it is cool to look at, but I also think the final outcome looses some of the charm the first few instances of the painting has.

I'm working on this painting now, it's almost done, I just have to sit still long enough to polish it up... 
When I work on it I feel a bit bad because it is not really for any of the visual design-projects I need to finish. I just wanted to paint something fun for myself. Maybe I could incorporate it into that creative writing and storyboarding-project, it would be another thing to tick off on my to-do-list. 

I tried animating a pixel thing, too. I made five frames. Animators must have crazy patience. 
Working on assets for the group project as well. I made a massive cathedral before easter that I was rather glad to be rid off, but as it turns out there's a lot of things I need to fix, like seams in tileable textures, bits that I forgot to unwrap and so on, so I'll probably have to have a look at it again. But right now I'm modelling a small quai area with props. 

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