søndag 26. mai 2013

I've been sick and sleepy the past few days. My mum says stress keeps illness away, but once it lets up, it all comes crashing down around you. The heat isn't any good for my scandinavian self, either, sun makes Norwegian people sleepy and lazy. My friend took me for a walk today, and I fell asleep in a meadow. I was going to draw, but I fell asleep because it was so warm. Now I have a sunburn. 

I try to stay productive and direct my energy towards something constructive. I do a lot of still lives. I'm practicing placing characters and objects in a scene, too. My mistake here is the furniture is super undetailed, because I didn't reference. Lazy. 

I think I want to work a bit on a personal project and make a small 3D scene in the coming month, so that I can practice texturing and putting together something coherent. It'll be good to have something to focus on.

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