torsdag 9. mai 2013

List therapy

Yesterday the group project we've been working on since February, was over. It's been fun but also very tiresome and I feel like I haven't had time to do much else while working on it. I've been neglecting the visual design work, eating properly (my diet's been eggs and bacon and cereal), doing dishes, my room was in such a state that I couldn't even see the floor and there were days where I didn't even have time to comb my hair before running to the labs, so I anticipated feeling happy it was over so that I'd finally have time to work on my own stuff and just sort my space out.

Over all I think we could have planned our last weeks better so that poor Liam didn't have to stress so hard trying to get everything working engine-wise before hand-in, and I feel really bad about that. Our final outcome looks really good though, and I am very proud of what we've achieved as a group. 

When I woke up this morning, I felt empty and like I didn't know what to do. Which I knew was ridiculous because I have a pile of neglected visual design and some blog tasks to tackle. So this morning I did dishes and tidied and now I'm writing a list of all the things I need to finish before the end of term, so now I have a battle plan. It's not as bad as I anticipated and I feel like I've got this. 

Lists solve everything.

(Heidi made this)

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