tirsdag 10. september 2013

Summer project: Caravan Scene 02

I wish I had more progress by now, but I’ve had some computer problems that I spent a lot of time faffing about trying to fix. 

The gist of it is my external hard drive stopped working, and in an attempt to fix it I managed to delete all the software on my laptop somehow. No files. Just software. Obviously, it didn’t fix the hard drive, but I’ve reinstalled all the most important  things and have been making a fair bit of progress.

Here's a refined concept of the scene, after looking at references, especially getting a more detailed look for the caravan down.

I’ve started modeling the scene. As I am working I am very conscious of avoiding straight angles and hard edges; I want the scene, and especially the architecture added on to the caravan, to look wonky and in a shambles.  

I have pretty much finished the exterior and a few assets. The only bit of the exterior I haven’t finished is the front entrance. I’d like to do that today, it would be cool to finish the textures and be able to place the entire thing in UDK as soon as possible. Seeing what it looks like in Max is all well and good, but I don’t think I can gauge if I’ve done a good job until I see it from the player perspective. 

I’ve also started the interior. 

I was very apprehensive of this bit; I have never modeled interiors before and wasn’t entirely sure how to go about doing it. But I think I have figured out a good solution, I mean it’s basically like modeling a box inside the exterior box, but inverted. The difficult part was modelling where the exterior meets the interior, making the two bits lock together seamlessly but without clipping. I solved that with door frames. I suppose that’s what they are for in real life, too. Clever. 

I modeled a little bed area into the interior mesh; I wanted it to be like a built in bed, with drawers underneath.  

Sorry about the gross render. 

I modeled the drawers as separate objects, so they can be pulled out. I would really like to be able to make them so that the player could click on them to pull them out and see what’s inside. I don’t know what I need to do to make that work but if I could figure out how to do that rat boid in CryEngine, I can figure out how to do this in UDK.

The hold up with the computer issue aside, I think I have made a fair bit of progress, though not as much as I would have liked. So far my tri count is at 3 000, which I think is fairly all right.

My plan for the next two days is to finish the front bit of the exterior, cobble together the interior, put on some rough textures and see how it all looks from a player perspective in UDK. 

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